ROVSUN 20 Inch 1400W Electric Fireplace Stove Portable Space Heater with Thermostat

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ROVSUN 1400W fireplace heater has realistic flames. The dual-mode function enables the fireplace to operate without heat or flame, making it suitable for use in all seasons. In addition, the temperature of the fireplace can be adjusted from 68°F to 95°F to meet your specific needs. The heat is evenly distributed and does not affect the air humidity. The adjustable thermostat keeps the room comfortable, and the automatic overheat protection cut-off device always provides intimate protection for your family. You can choose to use our electric fireplace with confidence because we have obtained CSA certification.


1. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE: The temperature of the fireplace can be adjusted from 68°F to 95°F to meet your specific needs.4800 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 400 sq. ft.And it provides well-distributed heat without affecting the humidity of the air. Your skin will breath the warm and comfortable air. NOTE: The flame effect runs together with the heater. The flame effect can not be turned off alone. But The heating function can be turned off independently to meet your specific needs. Running without heater on, it will also be a great decoration of your home in all seasons.

2. REALISTIC FLAME: Gorgeous flames burn above the lifelike logs, seem to lick at the log. This vintage design freestanding fireplace gives you a beautiful visual impact, great for all indoor spaces including corners.

3. DUAL-MODE DESIGN: The fireplace can operate without heat or flame making it suitable for all seasons enjoyment.Suitable for living room, bedroom, conference room etc.

4. SAFE & ENERGY SAVING: Adjustable thermostatic keeps room be cozy, auto over-heat protection cut off device, always offering intimate protection for your family.Run on electricity, less cost and maintenance than traditional heating.

5. CSA APPROVED: You can choose to use our electric fireplace with confidence because we have obtained CSA certification. Great gifts for Christmas, New Year, Birthday and so on.


1. Heat Output: 4800 British Thermal Units

2. Power: 1400W

3. Temperature: 68~95°F/20~35°C

4. Material: Iron & Glass

5. Work Decibel: Approximately 40dB

6. Ventilation Type: Ventless

7. Warranty: 1 Year

8. Features: Auto-Shutoff,Overheat Protection,Control Panel Operation

9. Weight: 13.67 lbs / 6.2 kg

10. Dimensions: (16.5 x 8.6 x 20)" (L x W x H)

11. Color: Black

What You Get:

1 x Electric Fireplace Stove

4 x Foot

1 x User's Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great Lil Heater

This is a great little heater. I have a small 1 bedroom house & it heated the entire living room in less time than my tower heater had. Plus it looks cuter. It was also easy to install. Just had to screw in legs and viola, up and running in less than five minutes. The best purchase I've made for the winter thus far.

Steve Marrow
Great little heater good heat

Great little space heater arrived quickly 2 days before expected. I would recommend to have a 12 inch Philip head screw driver to install the legs..the legs do fit tight with the ailment pins in the top of the legs. After I started all 3 screws in each leg, I screwed them in evenly to pull the ailment tabs into place, which doing so you will not harm the head of the screws or the thread's. Great heater well worth the money, I'd buy again if I needed one.

Heats my entire basement

I bought this little heater for my basement because it gets so cold in the winter. This little heater is powerful! I can feel the heat radiate all the way upstairs.

Vincent Reardon
All in all it puts out good heat and it's safe.

I like the amount of heat that it can put out and it looks good.

Cassie Hannah
the feet were a pain in the ....

I love everything about this but the feet. They were such a pain to get on and I found really hard to get tight and are still kind of loose but whatever... I still LOVE IT! I have it at work and I get compliments on it all the time. It heats my room up very fast and is cute. Still worth the money to me.

Appropriating the Scale

Rovsun does a great job representing this terrific little product. Even using a measuring tape, one can't get the feel until it's in the space. Standing alone, this is best in a utility room, den, office or small bedroom. I wanted it in my main space. well my best friend said "stop the insanity", but in my own defense, it's cute as hell.

Amanda W.
Tiny heater packs a powerful punch!

This heater is not only beautiful in design but works like a charm. We have a non-functioning fireplace and didn't know what to do with it. Add to that, the room was very cold and drafty in the winter. I spent days researching fireplace inserts and faux fireplace space heaters and chose this one because it had everything I wanted. 1) It was small enough to fit in my unusually timy fireplace without sticking out onto the tiles. 2) It had a beautiful, realistic imitation animated fire. 3) The controls were accesible from the front (behind the door) vs. some models which have the controls on the side or back - which obviously wouldn't have worked for us in this application. 4) Heats the room like a true champ! I accidentally left it on for two days while I was gone and came back to a toasty warm, NOT drafty room and was thoroughly convinced that no guest of mine will complain about the cold in their room. 5) It's so cute! 6) EASY and quick to put together. You just need a screwdriver* to put the legs on. Yes, the legs are plastic, but they do not feel cheap or flimsy. They are very sturdy. 7) It is pretty darn quiet. There is a fan noise but more in the white noise category vs. the obnoxious, loud category. 8) It can be used with or without heat. So if you want a sexy little fire without the heat in the summer, YOU CAN HAVE IT!

I am ecstatic with this purchase. All my research paid off and I am confident I chose the best one.

*TIP: Use a magnetic screwdriver to put the screws in. You will thank me later. It's pretty difficult to reach one of the screws on each leg without the magnetic screwdriver.

** Only thing that could make this product better would be if it made a crackling fire noise when it's on. But that's me nit-picking.

Buy this!

Amazing! I get so many compliments on how real it looks. I like that I can have the fire look on without the heat. It adds a lot to the rooms cozy feel. I wish I could get another one for the bedroom! Definitely worth it!

Skyler johnson
Good quality

Was a gift for boyfriend because he likes these types of things. Has a heater thermometer so you can set it to a temp and it turns off when it reaches temp and turns back on when it gets colder

Great little wood stove!

A little small but very cute. Bought it for my mom. Emits heat and is super easy to install.

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