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DIY program provides more cooking fun! This bread maker opportunity allows you to simply experience the joy of baking bread. Its upscale appearance matches your kitchen very well. Perfect bake technology - Engineered to bake evenly for a uniform crust color, consistent texture, and excellent flavor.


1.19 Automatic Programs:ROVSUN bread machine features with 19 programs (Jam, Whole-wheat, Sweet Bread, Gluten Free, Quick Bread, Yogurt, Rice Bread, etc.) and corresponding recipes, even if you are a new, can easily make a fresh and delicious bread (You can find recipe in the "instructions")

2.2 LB Large Capacity:The max capacity is 2 LB, it can be set to 1 and 1.5 LB as well, to meet your different demands

3.Non-Stick Pan & Fruit & Nut Dispenser:Our bread maker machine is equipped with Non-Stick Pan and Fruit & Nut Dispenser.It's non-stick characteristic make the pot can be easily clean; Automatic adding add-ins function will help you without waiting by the side of bread maker

4.Digital Button & Auto Keep Warm Setting:It designed with simple turn-and-push program buttons, easy to operate; After baking program is complete, the bread machine will beep 10 times and shift to keep warm setting for 1 hour. In addition, If you want the appliance do not start working immediately you can set the delay time. (Maximum delay is 15 hours)

5.Large & Clear View Window:The big viewing window is convenient for you to clearly observe the crust color of bread (3 crust color can be set: Light, Medium, or Dark crust)


1. Model: BM8021

2. Dimensions: (13.90 x 12.01 x 12.80)" / (35.3 x 30.5 x 32.5)cm (L x W x H)

3. Capacity: 2LB

4. Power: 650W (Heating Element 550W AC Motor 100W)

5. Voltage: 110-120V / 60HZ

6. Related Certification: ETL,FCC,ROHS,CE

7. Materials: PP Housing with Stainless Steel Heating Element

8. Weight: 22.05lb / 10KG

10. Brand: ROVSUN

11. Color: White

What You Get:

1 x Bread Maker

1 x Instruction Manual with Recipe

1 x Measuring Cup

Customer Reviews

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Denise hardin

Do easy to use and taste is amazing!

MH Bonham
Wow, it beat all my expectations

I've owned several different bread machines for years, but this one really did surprise me. My inherited bread machine lasted for a long time, but the heating element was dying, so my bread was only partially baked. Normally what I would do is have the bread machine knead everything and then bake it in the oven. Only in the summertime, I'm not fond of heating up my kitchen. So, I knew I'd have to buy a new bread machine.

I chose the Rovsun because of the price. Never heard of the company before I bought this. So, I wasn't expecting much.

My first bread was a kulich, which is a somewhat ingredient intensive bread with a lot of dried fruit. Not only did this bread machine make it, but it made it perfectly. It's the prettiest bread machine loaf I've seen. And despite my misgivings that the smaller bread pan wouldn't make a two pound loaf, it did it just fine.

It has a nut/raisin/whatever dispenser at the top if you want the machine to add it for you. I have not used it, but it alarms with very loud beeping when it is time to add something to the dough.

That being said, this bread machine is QUIET compared to my other ones. I hardly heard it from the other room. (Except the alert beeping.) I wouldn't use the recipes in their booklet - they're somewhat oddly written - but as a manual it's okay. There are plenty of decent recipes on the web or through Amazon (they DO sell cookbooks, right?) so you can find good recipes for a bread machine in those places.

Now, I honestly don't know how long this bread machine will last, but it seems in relatively good shape. And if it continues to make bread the way the first loaf turned out, the manufacturer has a fan.

Christian Dysthe
Who would have thought! An affordable and good bread machine. A rare occurrence indeed!

My $300 Breville breadmaker died right outside of warranty. I decided to go the opposite way and buy something at a much lower cost. I have a couple of Rovsun products which has held up very well so I took a chance on this machine.

I plugged it in and did my favorite white bread. Perfect! Immediately I threw my favorite whole grain bread recipe at it. I went to work.

The ohly question now is how long it will last when I bake three times a week all year? The Breville failed so I am not expecting too much in this regard. I also made strawberry jam which came out great again. although a little runny. I will adjust the recipe to remedy that.

Do not rely on the recipes that comes with the machine. Many errors and oddities in those so find good recipes online. My recipes have been refined over mamy years so a good bread machine should be able to do them. This one did and then some!

The paddle often wear out or is lost. This bread machine uses a pretty common paddle so I picked up a couple of extra ones just in case. The pan on the other hand may be harder to replace and probably cost more than what I paid for this machine!

Oh, it is much quieter than the Breville and has a nuts and seeds dispenser like the Breville has. It is loud when it adds the nuts and seeds but not worse than Breville. I am so happy with this purchase! A steal

Update: Three loaves per week for more than a month. Still going strong! Remember that you need wheat gluten and good yeast with any bread machine. The French bread cycle is tricky since the very long kneading may exhaust the glutten fibers and your loaf will fall down. But when you get it right you get that chewy, crusty bread that is so hard to do at home.

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