ROVSUN JC-1 Grade Citrus Manual Juicer Hand Press Squeezer Black/ White/ yellow/ Green/ Orange/ Grey

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A well-made juice is always a great dietary option for a quick and delicious meal but getting the right juice isn't always so easy. This ROVSUN JC-1 Hand Citrus Juicers Juice Extractor will work great for oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit and all other citrus fruit. It even eliminates pulp and seeds easily, perfects for restaurants, super markets, small grocery stores or for those who love freshly squeezed juice in the morning everyday.


1.FREE SAFETY HAT: Only ROVSUN can send you the safety hat. Use the black plastic hat to lock it in that position. It will prevent the handle come down accidently. This heavy duty juice crusher have long and light handle with comfortable rubber grip which stop and reduce pressure on the hand.

2.EASY TO OPERATE & CLEANING: Our ROVSUN commercial juicer is super easy to operate: Just three steps to get the juice - 1.Cut the citrus in half 2. Put the flat cut side down on the plate 3. Press down on the handle. Are you ready to enjoy fresh juice in a second? This manual fruit juicer have easy removed strainer cone and funnel for easy clean.

3.PREMIUM QUALITY: ROVSUN manual juicer is made of heavy duty cast iron, with 304 stainless steel strainer which ensures 100% safety and hygiene. Our Manual Juicer Extractor is perfect for restaurants, bars, families, party or super markets, where you need lots of fresh juice.

4.PURE DELICIOUS JUICE & HEALTH LIFE: Different with an electric juicer machine, our hand press commercial citrus juicer will not rub the rind, so you can enjoy the good taste juice without bitter rind taste. This large commercial juice press extracts every last drop out of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, pomegranates with handy and professional juice press.


1. Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel & Cast Iron & Rubber

2. Weight: 13.5lbs / 6.1kg

3. Overall Dimensions: (8.66 x 7.09 x 14.57)"(L x W x H)

4. Container Diameter: 4.72" / 12cm

5. Four Suction Feet: Fix the Juicer to Any Surface in Your Kitchen

6. Perfect for: Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons, Limes and More

7. Comes with: Strainer, Cone, Holder, and Bracket

8. Operation Method: Completely Manual Operation

9. Color:Black /White/ yellow/ Green /Orange /Grey

What You Get:

1 x Manual Juicer

1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

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Domingo De la rosa

ROVSUN JC-1 Grade Citrus Manual Juicer Hand Press Squeezer Black/ White/ yellow/ Green/ Orange/ Grey

Extra cone needed

To much juice lost when doing Oranges due to the cone being to small. A larger additional cone is required, or at least available for purchase. I have now purchased an electric model with two cones. Bit it is a beautiful juicer

GS Turner
This is an awesome juicer! Sturdily built

This is an awesome juicer! Sturdily built, easy to use, easy to clean. The only drawback for me is that you can only get a smaller type glass underneath to catch the juice. When my Pomegranates ripen, it will require emptying the glass often. Regardless, I love this juicer.

Easy to use and clean. Very happy.

Fully admit this was purchased to juice citrus for cocktails. It is incredibly easy to use and clean. It has a heavy base and is very stable. My only "issue" is that it does such a good job squeezing the fruit (mostly lemons for us) that the juice is quite pulpy. We have taken to straining the juice, which is not a big deal. Pulp in a drink is a preference, so it's not anything negative on the product. We are very happy.

My wife just loves this. Works great, looks good.

My wife did not want a big electric juicer on our counters. We found this instead. It fits perfectly under our kitchen cabinets and it makes squeezing orange, lemon etc. juice quite easy. Has a built-in strainer and there's nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice. It seems fairly robust and is easy to clean. It looks attractive on your countertop as well with the black and stainless steel finish

Kateryna A.
Awesome looks and awesome results!

Really amazingly fast way to turn oranges into orange juice! We made about 60 ounces of juice in approximately 5 minutes, maybe a little longer but thats how it felt. That was about 24 oranges. Very well designed, although you have to hold the base down with one hand use the press with the other, its totally doable. Lots of fun using it and you dont get that annoying whine from the electric juicers. Cleaning it is a breeze, just cant seem to detach the top cup that presses down on the orange without unscrewing it, but we wipe it down with a cloth and its okay. Bottom line: best juicer Ive ever had!

kristopher Otto
Great Juicer!!!

These are amazing! Built tough and super easy to clean. Or use it for oranges and pomegranates. For pomegranates I find that its best to put it on something a bit lower, like a chair. Gives you a bit more leverage.

Cast Iron Base Juice Press

Very nice juicer, heavy duty cast iron base. Gets all the juice out of the oranges and lemons. The pieces are dishwasher safe. My only dislike is the top portion that pushes down on the fruit is not removable but does get messy some times, have to wipe it out, I would prefer running it through the dishwasher. Overall very happy with the juicer.

Use it every day

I have used this product every day since receiving it. I find that it has a lot of strong qualities for my use. Limes and Lemons are easy and work well. Oranges are a little less complementary of this unit. It does what it says, it squeezes the fruit. Oranges are larger than the top plate when completely squeezed, so some of the meat does not get squeezed. Be sure to use a strainer unless you like a lot of fruit meat in your juice. For canning it works perfect. For margaritas it is great. One lemon and one lime add some agave liquid sugar then add your triple-sec and tequila. Great mix and no preservatives. Also great for any drink using limes. To not be too puny, its a smash hit around here.

Only down side, again not to be too puny, is that you have to turn this on the side to effectively clean the top plate underneath. Yes, if you a really a fanatic about things, you could disassemble the plate for cleaning, but that is a lot of work and if you are not careful, you could lose the thin plastic washer. I use a plastic bag (found in fresh vegetable section of local store) to cover the unit to help keep it clean for the next use.

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