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So much easier

This fryer heated 9 gallons of oil in about 20 minutes, my old one took about an hour to get to temperature. The height is much lower than my old one, which makes it easier to put a heavy turkey in and out. The only thing missing is a thermometer. Overall I like this fryer.

A bit difficult to clean properly but worth it!

I didn't buy this for a restaurant, I bought it for my home. Cutting potatoes by hand is time-consuming. Cutting them with those little hand-held circular slicers is tough as well - your body puts a lot of effort into pushing that thing down through the entire potato. So I went with this one. And it is totally worth it! Cutting potatoes is very fast and easy! We use it mostly for cubed potatoes, but we just cut the potatoes and load them back in sideways to get the job done!

Cleaning can be a bit of a hassle though - you can't just rinse and walk away. You may need a butter knife or long-bristled brush to get the tiny potato pieces out from the different parts. The area where the metal blades cross tends to catch tiny pieces that won't let go, even with a kitchen sprayer on full strength. But all of this has more to do with how the potato acts, than the quality of the cutter itself, so it still gets five stars.

Outstanding Popcorn Machine!!!

Popcorn machine is outstanding. Just like movie theater popcorn. Easy to put together and easy to operate. Popcorn cooks pretty fast as well. Only complaint is Popcorn warmer takes along time to get warm but overall well worth the money. My first shipment came damaged which was most likely the fault of Fedex. Contacted Rovsun and had another one shipped to my door in three days. Great customer service.

Wish I would of gotten it sooner.

I can get about 23lbs of meet in it without overflowing coming over the top. I stay down an inch or so from the top to let the plunger get lined up inside the tube. I’m sure if you filled flush you could get close to 25lbs but have a mess on the top. Love it. Makes it easy for one person to run it. I make Deer SS, deer Sticks, and use it to fill vacuum bags with ground burger.

Great quality

I love this wine fridge. Great product at a great price.

the Right Tools Are Huge!

I have wanted something like this for a long time. I bought an air fryer during the Amazon Prime day sale and find myself craving homemade fries, so I decided to buy this. I wanted to wash the parts before I used it, so I took the mold off and removed the matching blade. There is one type of screw on the mold and two types of screws on the blade. Do not remove the screws on the blade that match the screws on the mold. It works great for 3/8 inch potatoes but be prepared to have to pull the shoestrings out by hand. They do not go all the way through on their own. I like it enough to keep it.

Easy to use

easy to use, easy to clean. we love it

Very nicely made very sturdy just for home use it's a bid hit

Very nicely made sturdy I like the warmer feature I haven't found one with that feature

I like it

I use it for cannabis seeds. It’s great it’s the best fridge I had for cannabis seeds. No complaints, she’s a stunner, super sleek

Love it so much!

I bought one few months ago and I liked it a lot. It’s not too big but can store many bottles. I put 6 bottles in and still able to put 11 bottles of the 355ml ones after. I like it a lot and I bought one for my friend as well.

Worth it!

Thought it was expensive but it was worth it. Works great and the whole house smells like popcorn.

Holding up well

Does the job and at a better price than the name brands.

Cooler is very quiet it has adjustable feet so adjusting it to be even is easy.

I was surprised how is . Make sure it is even by adjusting the feet . Cools good I turned it on and ran for 24 hours before putting in the wine . Because I had it open so long and loaded 20 bottles it took a few hours to cool it down again. It works great .

Portable dryer

It does a great job at drying and keeping my clothes wrinkle free.


Perfect addition to our kitchen! Works wonderfully.

ease of use

Overall, it is a great tool for making sausage. Good design, sturdy, easy to fill and easy to clean.

Worth every penny.

Heats a rather large space well.

Nice humidor

I liked everything about the Humidor except it needs lights on the side on each shelf so u can look in to make a decision without opening and effecting the humidity.

Perfect size for small parties.

This machine works great for small gatherings. Love the consistency of the frozen drinks.

Good investment

Awesome product that got me through this hot air this year in Phoenix Arizona where it was terribly hot this past year I do enjoy this it was a really good investment

The Popper that keeps on popping!

Bought this for office floor at work. People LOVE it!!! Great purchase and has been quite the workhorse. It's been tested again and again to feed over 200 employees. Has withstood a lot of popping like a champ!

Solidly built.

Very well built. Easy to use, takes a little effort to clean as bits of potato get lodged in the blades. You do need to slam the handle down to get the potatoes to go through the blades. I would definitely purchase this product again.

Great Machine makes ice fast!

I have to say this ice maker is a beast, it works very well and the display shows everything going on, only drawback is that the manual is not very helpful, nowhere in the small little manual does it explain what the controls on the display do and there are a lot of different functions but the manual just does not say what each one does, other than that this machine makes a ton of ice and very fast and I also like the idea that it will stops producing ice when the bin is full, great heavy duty machine you definitely need two people to put the top part on the ice bin it's that heavy, and way less expensive than my last ice maker that only made 30 lbs a day.

Does what it should

It turns off after it's full, which is great. Set and forget