ROVSUN 225000 BTU 3 Burner Outdoor Propane Gas Stove Camping Burner Cooker Black

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Deep frying leaves a mess and a smell in the kitchen? ROVSUN outdoor gas stove kick this issue away! The burner puts out a lot of heat, which is great for outdoor cooking. Make it possible to fry outside where any mess is easier to handle. Perfect for crawfish boil, steaming lobsters or crabs, deep frying a turkey and other big family meals on it.


1. POWERFUL COOKING BUDDY: With durable material & high output burners to work with, this burner stove makes camp cooking easily and works well for outside; Perfect for outdoor parties cooking, brewing, camping, fishing, etc.

2. HEAT ADJUSTABLE: Flame can be adjusted by 20 PSI regulator which is CSA listed. Knob at the front allows for precise temperature control. Came with everything you need except the propane tank

3. EFFORTLESS TO CARRY AROUND: Legs can be taken off in minutes, which is designed for easy transporting. Perfect for tailgating, camping, or just boiling corn or crabs at a back yard cookout.It can also be used as a countertop stove without legs

4. WELL CONSTRUCTED: This sturdy burner which is made from cast iron can handle the heavy jobs. A superb supplement to the barbecue, a big pot of chili or stew, or a pot of boiling water for clams or crawdads


1. Burner Diameter: 10.24 inch

2. Hose: 47.2 inch

3. Material: Cast Iron

4. Dimension: 34.3" L x 17.7" W x 29.7" H

What You Get:

1 x Gas Burner

1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Prince Gyimah
Great product

My wife really loves it

Cooking outdoor for special occasions

Very good for outdoor and if you cook with large pots

Very sturdy and strong !

Very nice for outdoors works well, would buy again!

Outstanding camping stove

Really nice cook stove. Very easy to setup and use

Affordable quality

What a deal!!! Awesome stove and price is spot on ??. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and recommend the stove to anyone needing an outdoor stove.

J Wingert
Easy to set up.

I love this 3 burner cooker. My cast iron waffle maker fits nicely on the burners. I can also fit 2 large fish fryers on the 2 out side burners with plenty of space between so that I do not to worry about any flash overs.
Light weight, easy to set up and move. Great buy, love it.

A really nice outdoor stove

This heavy duty cast iron stove is simple but works amazingly well. It puts out the heat of a large commercial stove so watch out!. The legs are not adjustable for uneven surfaces, but that is the only negative I can come up with. It needs to be fairly well protected from the wind but my wife loves it and can't wait to use it more this Summer.

Absolutely an exellent unit, what's not to like?

I totally recommend this unit. I've been using stoves like this for over 20 years (starting with a maple syrup boiler). I farm and I'm a real fan of the outdoor/summer kitchen option for canning. Everything about the Rovsun outperforms. The regulator supplied with the unit goes up to 20psig; counting that regulator, the valves on the stove, and the valve on a propane tank, it is an extra-dependable/adjustable unit. There is plenty of pressure available to run all 3 burners. the overall stove design is quite sturdy and stable. The burner size is adequate for outdoor canning as well as general cooking. The stove valves do not leak (yet..). The design of the burners and shielding are a GREAT improvement over what I've been able to get previously. It is critical to control for gusts of wind. We've rigged up extra shielding and a cover to keep it weather-tight when not in use. I liked it so much I did an instant replay and ordered one for my son as a summer kitchen/backup to his indoor electric stove.

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