ROVSUN Mini Split AC/Heating System with Inverter

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BTU: 9000 BTU-115V-19 SEER
Style: No Wifi
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ROVSUN smart Split Type Type Inverter Air Conditioners s with heating function are made with high quality compressor, high speed pure copper motor & inner spiral copper tube which are powerful to quickly cool down / warm your home, office, garage or apartment for maximum comfort in quiet operation, perfect appliance in hot Summer or cold Winter. Comparing with others, machine featured with high SEER grade, which means that it is more energy efficient and much money saving! This unit also has Sleep, Turbo, ECO, Mute and Timer functions. These functions help you enjoy the true individual comfort. We stand behind all of our products with continuous customer support. Join thousands of happy customers around the world who are already part of ROVSUN family.


1.4-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION: Featured with Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying and Fan only modes in one compact unit. This mini split AC/heating system is multifunctional. It is ideal for using in home's bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, garage and so on. AHRI Certified.

2.SMART SYSTEM: Featured with TURBO Mode, I Feel Mode, 24-hour timer, Sleep Mode, 4-way Swing, Eco Mode, Multiple Fan Speed and Intelligent Compressor Pre-Heating, providing you a healthy and comfortable environment.

3.Fast Cooling and Energy Saving: This mini split air conditioner with inverter technology is perfect for cooling a room. Quickly cools down your rooms and spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, dens, offices or apartment. And Higher SEER grade & Eco-friendly design( at least 30% more energy-saving than the conventional air conditioner) which leads you for money saving.

4.QUIET OPERATION: In sleeping & mute mode, this air conditioner will become pretty quiet . It’s able to maintain the temperature while you are sleeping. And you can use the 24-hour timer in combination to free you from additional worries.



ions: 14.57 x 13.78 x 7.28 inches

Size: 15 FT

9000 BTU-115V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 32-38 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 100-450 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.66'' x 12.01'' x 21.65''

12000 BTU-115V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 34-40 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 450-750 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.66'' x 12.01'' x 21.65''


12000 BTU-230V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 27-42 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 450-750 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.14'' x 11.42'' x 19.61''


18000 BTU-230V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 31-48 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 750-1250 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 39.76'' x 8.66'' x 12.40''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 30.70'' x 13.74'' x 23.81''


24000 BTU-230V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 35-51 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 1250-1500 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 46.69'' x 10.23'' x 13.38''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 33.26'' x 14.96'' x 27.5''

What You Get:

1 x Air Conditioner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Full Installation Kit

Warm Notice:

1. Please confirm VOLTAGE before making purchase

2. The item comes in TWO boxes and delivery time may be different per box, please don't misunderstand that item lost if you only receive 1 box, the second box supposed to be delivered soon after getting first box

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Mad Gnome
Very impressed with power consumption.

The 12000 btu unit was delivered as promised on time. Install was easy with no issues. One installed I became impressed with its heating ability and efficiency. When the temperatures hit 31 below zero. The rovsun continued to run and blow heat. The other 3 I purchased were a different brand and all 3 shut down. Because of this I felt everyone buying this brand could use this information. 5+stars goes to Rovsun. Thank for a great product!

Jonathan Morse
Love it

Perfect unit for my workshop. Installed myself.

Tom Leit
Sips electricity. Whisper quiet. Installed in RV.

Surprised how little electricity it uses. Very efficient. Compressor and fans ramp up from 0 rpm, no power surge or noise. Adjusts speeds to your needs

Almost too good!

I bought two of these units and they almost work too good! They are almost completely silent, and we’ve already seen decreases in our energy bill. We keep our AC temp higher and our heating temp lower and the unit absolutely does it’s job well. The remote makes for convenient adjustments. Installation is overall pretty simple.

John Yeates
Diy easy install

One person found this helpful

Len K.
This is so energy efficient.

The ease of installation was incredible. I replaced a 5 KW electric heater in my garage with this system. It will keep my garage much warmer for less$$.

D. D.
AC Tech said it was the quietest unit he has ever heard

Everything I could have hoped for.

Works as expected

Had this professionally installed in my garage that faces the hot sun in the afternoon

Excellent unit, cannot beat the price for what you get

Installed this unit during the hottest part of the summer in my garage/shop. Took about 1 hour to get it from 92 degrees to 75. It’s so quiet I had to make sure it was running. Took about 5 hours to install by myself, running the refrigerant lines and hooking up the power. It does require the use of a vacuum pump and gauges (which I purchased) to test for leaks and remove the air from the lines prior to releasing the pre charged refrigerant. Overall, I would highly recommend this particular 230v Rovsun unit.

Bennie Hill
Good unit seems like good quality

Good unit seems like good quality

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