ROVSUN 5000mg/h Air Ozone Generator Air Purifier 50W 110V ROG-01

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This industrial grade ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask mal odors like some air purifiers, it destroys odors! The air purifier/ozone generator oxidizes and destroys airborne contaminants . It is perfect to eliminate virtually any cigarette/cigar smoke, paint / cleaning fumes, dust, water damage, smoke damage, cooking smell, and so onThe oxidation process breaks down the molecular structure of  bad odors, thereby neutralizing them. What is left is a "fresh, clean spring rain smell" similar to the clean air smell. Recommended for hotel, restaurant, office and home use. Suitable for public or personal area.


1.The Newly Designed Ozone Generator: ozone output 5000mg. This is the same way that ozone is produced in nature (lightning), and is the secret weapon of the smell of nature. "

2.Only Use in Unoccupied Space: Timer function can be set up to 120 minutes and you can also use the “HOLD” mode to keep it on. Set the timer before you leave the room, ensure that no one (and also pets) in the room when the ozone machine is working .

3.Portable Design:  Integrated carrying handle, rugged metal body, Compact and lightweight design means you can use the Air Ionizers Deodorizer virtually anywhere. Home, office, ship, car and so on .

4.Multi-functional Ozone Machine: The ozone generator is perfect to eliminate virtually any cigarette/cigar smoke, paint / cleaning fumes, dust, water damage, smoke damage, cooking smell, and so on .


1.Ozone Output: 5000mg/h

2.Noise: <45 db

3.Air Flow Volume: 100 CFM

4.Weight: 3.79 lbs.

5.Dimensions: (8.07 x 6.89 x 5.91)" / (20.5 x 17.5 x 15)cm (L x W x H)

6.Time Control:

Easy-to-operate knob design

Can be set at 24/7 working mode

Or pre-set to close up to 120 mins

7.Removable Back:

Voltage: US standard 110V

Frequency: 60HZ

Power: 50W

Warm Tips:

1.Does not meet California requirements.

2.Leave the room when the machine is working.

3.Fully ventilate room before people is back.

What You Get:

1 x Ozone Generator
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian Ian
Would refer friends

Worked perfectly. For such a small machine it does the job for nearly any size room/area, I was pleasantly suprised. Love that this is small and lightweight. Easy to move from room to room and fits discreetly just about anywhere.

Eliminating litter box smell

Used it to clean up the litter box area and still working on correct time usage. Pleased with results so far.

Monroe G.
Works great!

Works great, gets r8d of scents, used many times.

Kills odors

We have a 450 Sq Ft 4 Season Room that has 8 sets of sliding glass doors. When it's very hot or raining we have to close the doors and humidity seems to attract odd odors. Almost musky. When I received the unit I set it to about 20 minutes run time and left. When I came back there was a definite lack of "Musky" odor. Unit works well.

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