ROVSUN ROG-2 26W Ozone Generator Air Purifier

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This industrial grade ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask mal odors like some air purifiers, it destroys odors! the air purifier/ozone generator oxidizes and destroys airborne contaminants. The oxidation process breaks down bad odors, thereby neutralizing them. What is left is a "fresh, clean spring rain smell" similar to the clean air smell.


1.EFFECTIVE: Powerful ion energy releases negative ions and could refresh up to 3,500 Sq/Ft spaces. Perfect to remove smell of tobacco, formaldehyde, pet, food, off-odour etc.

2.EASY OPERATION: With knobs, generator levels and fan speed could be adjusted easily. It supports 24/7 dust control.

3.COMPACT & PORTABLE: Compact and lightweight; easy to carry for home, car or office use.

4.SAFE PROTECTION: Ozone could be reducted into oxygen after cleaning. Guard your family while refreshing air. Remember to ventilate when you're back.

5.Home Decoration: With elegant cherry wood exterior, it decorates your living room while stainless steel cabinet features durability.


1. Dimensions: (12.5 x 11 x 15)" (L x W x H)
2. Weight: 6.6 lbs.
3. Color: Cherry-wood

What You Get:

1 x Ozone Generator
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Takes away all bad odors

I love the way this machine makes my house smell. It gets rid of all bad odors and makes the house smell clean.

Bob P.
Excellent air purifier for removing cigarette smoke!

This air purifier works great at removing cigarettes smoke out of the air! I love how you can adjust the level of ozone to the level that works best for my house. The fan even on high is fairly quiet. I would recommend this to friends and family.

Got Smells? This WORKS!

I work in Real estate and often a home we go to sell will have dog odor or musty smell, even after a deep cleaning of floors carpets and home. This WORKS! I have used it the last couple of weeks on my own home in a basement and clients' homes with cat and dogs! I will say it does leave a bit of a chemical smell just after running it, but that goes away pretty quickly and the other harsh smalls are gone! I have a super-sensitive nose so this is impressive to me! I highly recommend!

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