ROVSUN TG-TB 20000 BTU Portable Propane Gas Grill with Foldable Legs

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As for this portable propane grill, it is equivalent to an outdoor oven. It can bake a lot of patterns, meat, steak, roast chicken, ribs and so on. Featured with full stainless steel body, it can be used for long working life and good performence of high temperature resistance & easy cleaning!


1. Easy Clean: This grill is made from stainless steel, including the 1. Easy Clean: the grill is made from stainless steel, including the grilling grate. This makes cleanup considerably easier. Removable grease tray hold food drippings.

2. Electric Ignition: Easy to light just hold in the knob while turning hear a click and the igniter lights a gas stream which lights the burner. Each burner has a separate control knob, so you can use one or two at a time.

3. Two Burners: the option of only using one burner as usually grilling for two is a plus when you barbecue outside. U shape burner provides Max 10,000 BTU even heat across the cooking surface that is 20.5" x 13". Great for cooking hot dogs, burgers, and chicken with excellent results.

4. Portable Grill: It only weighs 26 lb, you can put it in a compact car with no problem. The locking cover, folding legs and a comfortable carrying handle makes it easy to taking outside.

5. Ready for Use: Just take this grill out of box, no other assembly is required. Product is 22"W x 18"D x 13"H when folding.


1. BTU for each burner: 10,000

2. Overall Measurement: 22"L x 18"W x 13"H(with leg unfold)

3. Grill Plate:20.5"L x 13"W

4. Regulator with Hose: 45.3"

5. Product Weight: 26LB   

What You Get:

1 x Gas Grill

1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

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Great grill

Great Grill. Purchased for my boat. Brings home outdoor cooking to the boat....cooks great, and looks great.

What a great Grill. Exceeds what I expected, and works even better than my home grill.

All stainless, and so easy to clean. This is easier to use than my big one at home. Take it with us camping all the time. And this thing really heats. Wow, does it ever. Love it....

Scott Welton
Would buy again in a heartbeat.

After carefully researching the competition, we decided to go with this portable grill for our off-road trailer. Very happy we did. The size of the grill area is much larger than most other portable grills. And the lockable lid and folding legs work well. Other reviews say it burns hot (not uncommon for portable grills). And while somewhat true, we still ended up grilling some truly stellar meals during our 5 weeks off-road camping. The gauge of the stainless steel isn't terribly thick which is what you'd expect for a portable grill, otherwise it would be too heavy. The trade off is that its longevity won't be as great as the heavy duty SS grill on our back deck. Note also the edges of the SS on the inside of the grill are pretty sharp (found that out the hard way). I traded out the short hose for a 10' hose, plus added a quick disconnect, so we could plum it directly in to the trailer's propane supply. For the money this is an excellent deal. We'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

Works as well as expected for a grill of this size

We purchased this grill to use while camping with our RV. We used it twice at the house prior to going on a trip to make sure we knew what to expect. I think we finally figured out how to light it, you need to keep clicking it on, then off and back on until you hear the sound of the gas lighting. I wish it had a push button igniter, but this worked once we figured it out. The weight and the way it folds down for its size is very good and the stainless steel seems a decent gauge and cleans up reasonably well.

We were able to fit quite a bit on to the grill, holding 4 chicken thighs, 4 drum sticks and 4 wings with a little room to spare. Plenty for a family of 5. My only complaint is that even on low, it cooks hot, probably a little too hot, both for the burgers and the chicken. I had quite a few flare ups with both. The flames were low, but I think the reason for the high cooking temps is that the grate is only about 2 inches directly over the heat.

Overall, I think this is a good choice for what we are using it for. If it were our main home grill, I would replace it with a full size grill that doesn't cook as hot, but for camping, I love the size of the cooking area and how easy it is to wipe down with a bucket of soapy water to make sure it is clean so we can travel with it in our storage compartments without making a mess.

Also, I put my hand below it while it was cooking to make sure it wouldn't be too hot for a plastic table if we were to us it on one. It was perfectly cool under the unit, so I don't feel it is going to burn the surface you set it on.

Overall, I would make this purchase again, but will update this review if anything changes,

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