ROVSUN Wifi Enabled Mini Split Air Conditioner Heating System with Pre Charged Condenser, Heat Pump & Installation Kit

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BTU: 9000 BTU-115V-19 SEER WIFI
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1.EFFICIENT AC UNIT(INVERTER): Pre-Charged up to 25 Feet High Efficient Ductless Mini Split Inverter Plus System with Heat Pump and Dehumidification, AHRI Certified

2.AUTOMATIC SYSTEM: Auto Defrost, 24 hour timer, Sleep Mode, Eco Energy Saving Mode, Multiple Fan Speed, and Intelligent Compressor Pre-Heating. Power Off Memory Function

3.SMART COMFORT: The unit can easily be controlled and adjusted from the remote control or from the app; also it will sense room temperature then adjusts airflow & temperature accordingly for the ultimate in personal comfort control & energy savings

4.QUIET COOLER & HEATER: Ultra Silent at only 26-41 (dBa) and beautifully built. Unit provides equal airflow in every part of your room and can set the room temperature varying from 61℉ to 88℉ to suit your comforts in just a few minutes

5.CUSTOMER CARE - Ships from USA(NJ/CA/GA) and usually received in 2-6 Business days. Extra professional installation is required. Perfect for Home, Storage, Office, Business or Light Commercial Use. We are confident to stand behind our product and would like to guarantee you a best shopping experience



ions: 14.57 x 13.78 x 7.28 inches

Size: 15 FT

9000 BTU-115V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 32-38 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 100-450 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.66'' x 12.01'' x 21.65''

12000 BTU-115V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 34-40 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 450-750 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.66'' x 12.01'' x 21.65''


12000 BTU-230V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 27-42 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 450-750 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 31.92'' x 8.07'' x 11.49''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 28.14'' x 11.42'' x 19.61''


18000 BTU-230V-19 SEER

Noise Level: 31-48 (dBa)

Recommended Area: 750-1250 sq.ft.

Indoor Unit Dims (WDH): 39.76'' x 8.66'' x 12.40''

Outdoor Unit Dims (WDH): 30.70'' x 13.74'' x 23.81''

ROVSUN smart Split Type Type Inverter Air Conditioners s with heating function are made with high quality compressor, high speed pure copper motor & inner spiral copper tube which are powerful to quickly cool down / warm your home, office, garage or apartment for maximum comfort in quiet operation, perfect appliance in hot Summer or cold Winter. Comparing with others, machine featured with high SEER grade, which means that it is more energy efficient and much money saving! This unit also has Sleep, Turbo, ECO, Mute and Timer functions; also it can easily be controlled and adjusted from the remote control or from the ROVSUN app. These functions help you enjoy the true individual comfort. We stand behind all of our products with continuous customer support. Join thousands of happy customers around the world who are already part of ROVSUN family.

· Why choosing us?
· √ Affordable and high-quality item with responsible and round after-sales service.
· √ Directly getting your goods from our warehouse in CA/NJ/GA, faster order for faster shipment.
· √ Professional household appliance solution provider for catering your demand accurately.
· √ Open-minded for any feedbacks for inspiring us to move forward to bring customers a better purchasing experience.

What You Get:

1 x Air Conditioner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Full Installation Kit

Warm Notice:

1. Please confirm VOLTAGE before making purchase

2. The item comes in TWO boxes and delivery time may be different per box, please don't misunderstand that item lost if you only receive 1 box, the second box supposed to be delivered soon after getting first box

Product Manuals:

ROVSUN Wifi Enabled Mini Split Air Conditioner

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Selennia Thompson
Easy to use, easy to install wow saving on power.

On remote there is dip switches in back where batteries go that control A.C./ heating. Now I noticed a substantial difference in power usage from other air conditioning units. In prior 5 weeks I had used around 600 k.w. now with this unit I had only used 8 k.w. in 2 days with temperatures over 95° F outside and inside temperature with it a 69-72° F. VS keeping inside temperatures 72°-80° F with other air conditioner.
A friend of mine who has a different brand mini split that cost him 3 times as much.
I will try to update after I have used it for some time.

samantha newton
So far so good

For reference we have a 1,200 sqft home and this 1 unit can cover the entire house. So Far, worth the price.

Bruce C.
This unit cools my whole house, its quiet and draws 5-8 Amps @ 240v "Works Great"

This is a great unit at a great price. Works good, is very quiet and is easy to install. You will need to use a vacuum pump on this as it is not 100% DIY. Also this uses the older 410a Freon that is being phased out. Maybe why the price was soo good. But it works very good and is very quiet inside and out, "Very Quiet" and has a larger air handler for better cooling, But If you do not have access to a vacuum pump? Try a model with "Pre-Charged" copper lines

David Goodson
Best bang for your buck!

I've had this system going for about a month now in 90+ degree heat and it cools great. I did not vac the system. I flushed the lines then let the coolant loose. Worked great immediately!

Update to last post. Was able to connect phone with wifi.

Product is as described. Works excellent. Super quiet and very cold air. Takes care of whole first floor with ease. Could use clearer instructions about connecting phone to wifi.

This is a win.

This is a win. Works great. I have an hvac system in my house, but my bedroom has been underserved, meaning it is always hot in the summer. The hvac people said the existing system in the house had a design flaw and the bedroom was not going to get air conditioning like it should. I was tired of being hot in my bedroom in the summer. I had this unit professionally installed in my bedroom...I am definitely not handy...and have been very glad that I bought this/had it installed. Well worth the investment. It works just like the product says, it cools my normal sized master bedroom very quickly and keeps it cool. If you can't decide which mini-split to get, this one is efficient, well priced and quiet.

S Nobel
Happy with purchase

Customer service very good. Good product till now

Light the Beam
Good unit

Recently installed this mini split AC into the master bedroom. Things went great and were pretty straight forward. Cools down the room fast and operates really quiet.

Works great

I just installed the 12000 unit this weekend. Hardest part was cutting the hole to run the line set. My outside unit is just on the other side of the wall from the inside unit, so I cut and re-flared both copper lines using an hvac flaring tool so I wouldn’t have an extra 12’ of piping coiled up under the outside unit. Worked great! Pulled a vacuum on the lines, turned on the power, ice cold air! Only thing is I wish there were physical buttons to control it on the unit itself. Not a huge fan of remote-control-only appliances. No other complaints. Great deal!

E. Schanke
Like a Gree

Converting my one car garage into an office/man cave so got this little 9,000btu Rovsun. Very impressed with the build quality; fit and finish seem very similar to my 18,000btu Gree. Sound level too: very similar to the Gree even slightly quieter (62db vs 65db). One feature I like even more than my Gree is the 'swing" setting. The rovsun doesn't just swing vertically like my Gree but also horizontally.

Also this was my first DIY minisplit and things seem like they went well. Pulls about 8.4 amps when running. I tested it at startup and it never pulled more than 8.5x amps. Very happy so far, we will see if it lasts.

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