ROVSUN 10 LBS Compact Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine Spin Dryer

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This mini electric clothes washer is constructed with compact capacity and powerful motor washes up to 10lbs of laundry to sooner washing, perfect size for single people and baby clothes .Using first-class stainless steel, plastic and PP materials, your clothes will not be damaged during the washing process. And it can keep your clothes in new condition! The compact 10 LBS load capacity can be used for various laundry washing. Featured with 10 washing modes, 8 water levels selections and indicator light on the control panel for simple daily washing.


1.Full-Automatic Smart Washer: Relieve yourself from manual washing with our 10lbs portable laundry washing machine. Automatically start washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles to clean and dry clothes after setting the mode according to the amount and material of clothes we put in it; which makes our life easier.

2.Easy Operating: Operating this washing machine is an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience, convenient for people even for the elder and child to operate.

3.Compact & Energy Saving: The weight of this clothes washer is only 46lbs, and the small size (18L x 19W x 31H)" makes it portable. Eco-friendly design-less water and detergent used which leads you for money saving. Perfect for small space like apartments, dormitories, RVs and more.


1. Weight: 46lb

2. Rated Wash / Spin Capacity: 10lb

3. Machine Shelf Material: PP Plastic

4. Inner Tub: Stainless Steel

5. Rated Voltage and Frequency: 110V / 60Hz

6. Product Dimension: (16.7 x 17 x 28.7)" (L x W x H)

What You Get:

1 x Twin Tube Washing Machine

1 x Water Inlet

1 x Drain Pipe

1 x Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Worth it & lightweight!

I would never in a million years think I could lift a WASHING MACHINE but this machine is lightweight enough where I can definitely lift it and maneuver it within the bathroom whenever I need to. It has great options/features and gets the same job done as heavy duty washing machines do.Love this!

Tori lynn
It's worth the money

this washing machine did the job and what I mean by that is it washed my clothes thoroughly and rinse and spin.its also has an airdry feature,it won't completely dry your clothes but it does help.the machine itself isn't heavy which is good because it doesn't have wheels so I had to lift it,you have to figure out how to hook up the machine yourself but it's kinda of easy so thats good.

Vanessia Cormier
Durability and cleaning performance

Way better then my expectations

Reliable, durable, amazing!!

Great machine that packs a punch! I bought this because my apartment didnt have any washer or dryer I bought both of the same brand combo and they both work perfectttt no issues! I LOVE the convince of having these machines in my apartment. Ive had it for about two months and I use them every 3-4 days, worth every penny! Btw the dryer can fit a queen size comforter in there along with a sheet or two. Im a very happy customer!

Great Customer Service

They did an excellent job in responding & resolving an issue that I had. I was very satisfied.
Thank you so much for everything. I recommend and will purchase again.

Sara Perales
Easy to Use, Effective, Quiet

I was nervous to buy this at first because it was the cheapest automatic washing machine of it's size and hadn't had any reviews yet, but I'm glad I did. I initially bought this to wash things that can't be washed at a laundromat but I've found myself using it to wash everything else too because it's such a fun and easy to use little machine. I replaced the intake hose with a different style because my sink wouldn't take the original. My only real complaint is that the instructions are good for knowing maintenance tips and what not to do, but not for actually using it. After some research and a bit of trial and error I've landed on a tablespoon of liquid detergent and a teaspoon of softener per large load, which is equivalent to about one XL bath towel. The basic settings are water level (6L is the default and is a little more than half of the drum capacity before clothes) and type of cycle (the usual wash/rinse/spin is default). The overall quality of wash has been excellent so far on a range of textures and the spin cycle leaves very little water remaining, making it easy to dry on a folding clothes rack outside. To top it all off, it's QUIET and it doesn't try to skitter across the floor, even on a wheeled cart like the one I'm using. There are two "loose" parts in the box, one being the cover for the bottom of the machine and the other (picture attached) I haven't figured out yet but doesn't seem to affect use, though I'd like to know what it's for if anyone else recognizes it. With a tiny footprint, easy and effective use, and quiet run time it's become one of my all-time favorite appliance purchases.

Exceeded expectations

Quiet; clothes come out nearly dry and so clean!


Wasnt sure about buying it at first but Im happy I did. Im so happy I get to do my own laundry at home now! I wanted to write a review because it works perfect and is quiet! The only thing I had a problem is I had it to low and it stopped working it wasnt pushing out the water so I had to level it and make sure the hose where the water came out of was not bent and it was on an even surface.

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