ROVSUN 13 LBS Compact Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine Gravity Draining/ Pump Draining XQB60-RS6-B

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This ROVSUN 13 LBS fully automatic washing machine can help you wash dirty clothes quickly. Using first-class stainless steel, plastic and PP materials, your clothes will not be damaged during the washing process.  Mini portable washing machine takes up little space. It is constructed with spacious capacity and powerful motor washes up to 13lbs of laundry to sooner wash your clothes, sheets and dedicates, almost meets the washing needs of the whole family.


1.Full-Automatic Smart Washer: Relieve yourself from manual washing with our portable laundry washing machine. Automatically start washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles to clean and dry clothes after setting the mode according to the amount and material of clothes we put in it; which makes our life easier.

2.Easy Operating: Operating this washing machine is an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience, convenient for people even for the elder and child to operate. Featured with 10 washing modes, 8 water levels selections and indicator light on the control panel for simple daily washing.

3.Compact & Energy Save: The weight of this clothes washer is only 50lbs, and the small size (19.8L x 20.5W x 33.6H)" makes it portable. Eco-friendly design-less water and detergent used which leads you for money saving. Perfect for small space like apartments, dormitories, RVs and more.


1. Brand: ROVSUN
2. Color: Gray
3. Shelf Material: PP Plastic
4. Metal Motor: Aluminum
5. Inner Tub: Stainless Steel
6. Product Dimension:(19.8 x 20.5 x 33.6)" (L x W x H)
7. Net Weight: 50lb
8. Form Factor:Top-Loading
9. 8 Water Level: 1L,2L, 3L,4L,5L, 6L, 7L, 8L
10. Rated Voltage And Frequency: 110V/60Hz
11. Rated Wash/Spincapacity: 13lb
12. Length Of Inlet Pipe: 39"
13. Length Of Drain Pipe: 39"

What You Get:

1 x Full Automatic Washing Machine

1 x Manual Book

1 x Rat-proof Board

1 x Drain Pipe(Only available for gravity draining fully automatic washing machines)

1 x Inlet Pipe(Only available for gravity draining fully automatic washing machines)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Washer!!! 13lb load

Nice size …. Not too loud clothes came out clean. Drain pump works Well I’ll never use a machine with a gravity pump again. A must buy especially if you have a small space.

nicol tolentino
I can even wash my little duvet! ! ! marvelous

I like it, it's easy to use, it keeps my clothes clean and air-drying is great, I hang my clothes on hooks, and even have some ventilation. I like my washing machine. Thank you for this product. I recommend it.

Jack M

nice looking washer. extra large tub. it does have a gravity drain so you have to drain it in a large bucket or flat surface. although I found buying other washers the less stuff it has the less things go wrong. only one thing was disappointing the hoses are very cheap plastic which i plan on changing to more heavy duty. gets your clothes clean and very dry when it spins. I am just as happy with this washer as the more expensive ones. good price and does just as good a job as ones I paid almost double the money for. its pretty good balance does not shake all over the place either. quiet machine large and roomy too. happy with my purchase. thanks

Great Buy!!!

Great buy for me!!!! Came two weeks sooner than expected. A bit heavy to pick up but not too bad. Large enough to wash any type of clothing. The only thing that would make this machine perfect to me is if I didn't have to constantly empty the hose to grown level. And I wish it had a slightly larger capacity for duvets. Other than that.. This totally exceeded my expectations and washes, soaks,rinses and spins. I didn't really trust the hose that came with the machine because it seemed like a pretty flimsy plastic that would become damaged with use overtime. I replaced it with a stronger plastic/ rubbery hose with a saddle included. And I used two clamps at the bottom (beginning)of the drain hose. The clothes are a bit damp after taking them out from spinning if they're bulky. But it doesn't take clothes too long to air dry. I just downsized to a 1 story coming from a 2 story house. I needed a washer and this doesn't take up much space at all. I wanted a huge bang buck. It has a nice capacity!?! Great quality!!!! What a deal!!! And that's just what I got! Great customer service! I'm a happy camper

Yaimi Martinez
No noise

Very practical apartment without noise

boualem Lalioui
Great product and awesome customer service

Great a product, the machine works just as expected , above all and everything A GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE .

First try is good!

I do t have a dryer so i ran the tube outside with the dryer vent. I did make a wooden stand to raise it up and store laundry soup underneath which helps it drain. It drains fast! I wanshed one pants 3 shirts 4 pairs of socks and underwear as a first easy load. All came out very clean. The spin after the wash did very well pre drying the clothes!

Mark & Jo Rehburg
Totally worth it!!!

Mine is durable and just totally kicks ass! I use the hell out of it. It holds up to my hard duties.. love iuv it

great washing machine

absolute lifesaver! i am a wheelchair bound mom of 3 , so going to the laundromat is difficult. i can do our laundry safely at home

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