ROVSUN ZB-2 4L Countertop Water Distiller Silver/Golden

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The ROVSUN countertop water distiller has 750 watts of high power, and distills up to 6 gallons of water per day, which effectively removes pollutants and allows you to drink the purest water! The built-in thermostat prevents overheating and ensures automatic shutdown. Moreover, it is easy to use, press the button, then forget it, and it will automatically close when finished. It is easy to assemble, so it is easy to clean. There is no need to buy and replace dirty filter cartridges. Both the distiller and the container have large openings for easy maintenance and cleaning.


1. EASY OPERATION: Just fill tap water up, push the button, it'll auto-off when done. Assembly is easy and so is cleanup, both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning. Low noise and you can run the unit overnight.

2. FAIR QUALITY: Fully 304 stainless steel Body / Inner tank / Inner cap / Water outlet / Water inlet, Aluminum fan, Soft Catheter to prevent leakage, 4L Shockproof Glass Container with handle, all materials used are food-grade, water doesn't touch plastic.

3. WORK EFFICIENTLY: 750W heating element makes it distill water up to 1 L/H, effectively removing contaminants to offer you the purest water. And it'll auto-off when done. Save money and you don't need to buy bottled water anymore.

4. 5 BONUS GIFTS: 3 Activated charcoal sachets effectively removes most tap water contaminants, Soft Catheter to prevent leakage, Chamber cleaning powder is also provided to clean the unit.


Power: 750W

Voltage: 110V, 50 /60HZ

Inner Container Volume: 1.1 gal/4 L

Degree of evaporation: 1L/H

Fan Material: Aluminum

Distiller Material: Food-grade 304 stainless steel

Container Material: Food-grade Shockproof Glass

Over-temperature safe: Auto-off when temp is over 320℉

Gross Weight: 10.6 lbs/4.8kg

Package Size: 18.7"x11.2"x10.4"

Chamber Size: 9.1"(Dia.)x15.3"(H)

Water bottle size: 7.1" x 6.7"


What You Get:

1x Distiller

1x Water Bottle

1x Discharge Cap

1x Bottle Cap

1x Filter

1x Main Power Cord

1x Chamber Cleaning Powder

1x Water outlet soft catheter (Food grade)

3x Activated charcoal sachet

1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

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Sheri Bayne
Love it!

I got my Rovsun water distiller back in May. The water distiller works great. Tasty water I find myself craving it. You should see the nasty stuff that settles on the bottom of the distiller from our so called clean drinking water. Cleaning is a breeze, I wipe it all out with a paper towel between brewings. Depending on how often I use it I deep clean it once a month or every two weeks with white vinegar and water, just without the distiller top for 3 hours, cleans up great!

Our drinking water can never be too clean and pure

Best addition to my kitchen in the past 3 years

We drink nothing but distilled water now. All my house plants get distilled water... even the dogs :-)

Our house water is on a really good quality well, after several professional tests to prove this, and going even further and installing a housewide filtration system that does 3 different levels of filtering... this distiller STILL gets some stuff out of our water I'd rather not be drinking

Now that's quality H2O!!!

A lot of bang for the buck. Quality stainless steel product. Even the fan blade is metal. Consistently produces a gallon of great tasting, or non tasting, H2O. I find that on a 75 degree evening when filled with hot water, from a well full of Appalachian minerals, it takes 2.5 hrs. In the low 60s ambient temp it's around 2 hrs. Just completed my first 1 month cleaning and it was a breeze with vinnagar.
Negatives/Issue, only one, and it only takes elbow grease once. The vessel that collects the water needed to be cleaned with a scowe ring pad. Pop the metal lid off, get hot hot water and a good dish soap and scrub. There was some form of petroleum probuct left inside, on the glass. Most likely left from a glass pressing mold during its formation. It took 3 scrubbings to eliminate.
For the money I highly recommend this distiller. A nice copper vessel to store the water in will give you wonderfully alkalizing water. Drink up!!

Good product, good price! But needs a 2nd step.

Great product at a good price. It does have one issue. Although the distilled water tests at only 002 ppm it has a machine lubricant smell and taint. This was easily resolved with a Zero filter which dropped the values to 000 ppm and cleaned all funk from the distilled water. Since the distilled water is very clean the filter ends up lasting over a year. Yes, this extra step is a bit of a hassle, but its worth it for the price.

Christopher Tallberg
Why didn't I buy one sooner? I LOVE it!

I really wish I would have thought of this sooner before I lugged all those gallons of purified water up my stairs!
This unit is easy to clean and maintain, especially if you clean it with each use to avoid mineral buildup. For this reason, I bought the stainless steel unit. I use a handled scrub brush with a little vinegar and mild dish detergent. Only takes a couple minutes if you keep on it each time.
I was pleasantly surprised to find it only takes about 4 hours to purify a gallon.
I've tested the purified water, and it reduces the PPM to about 2 parts per million, tops. Where I live, I have municipal water supply. You would be amazed at how much mineral crud and rust, etc. is left in the distiller after only one gallon! Very hard water can cause kidney stones in humans, and is also unhealthy for your pets. I also use It in my humidifiers for mineral free water vapor with now powdery residue all over the place. It runs quietly, puts off a little heat .
And this is the most important part: this is a quality company that gave me lightning fast response when I had an issue, and they took care of it immediately. They stand behind their warranty. Any reviews that say anything less than that must not be dealing with the Rovsun I have dealt with, because I would buy from them again with confidence.
If you're considering buying one of these,if you have water purity issues, I would recommend you buy THIS distiller from THIS company!

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