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The ROVSUN countertop water distiller has 900 watts of high power and is designed with an on/off switch for easy operation. Easy to assemble and clean. Both the distiller and the glass water bottle have large openings for easy maintenance and cleaning. The water distiller can be used to make distilled water for humidifiers, steamers, beverages, etc. It is equipped with cleaning powder, activated charcoal bag and water outlet soft tube, which is very suitable for household use and can use clean water.


1.900W HIGH POWER: Distill 1.58 gallon /4 hours,Volume: 6L. Auto-off when temp is over 320¨H. Effectively removes most tap water contaminants, outputs the best tasting water. And the unit virtually pays for itself compared to bottled water purchases.

2.FAIR QUALITY: 100% 304 stainless steel Inner tank / Inner cap / Water outlet / Water inlet, Aluminum fan, 6L BPA-Free Plastic Container with handle. All materials are food grade.

3.USER FRIENDLY: Designed with on/off switch for easy operation. Easy to assemble and clean. Both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning. Low noise and you can run the unit overnight.

4.WIDE APPLICATION: The water distiller can be used for making distilled water for humidifiers, steamers, making drinks, etc. And it comes with cleaning powder, activated charcoal sachets and a water outlet soft catheter.

5.SPECIFICATIONS: Disitiller dimension: 11¡± (Dia.) x 18¡±H. Power: 900W. Voltage: 110V, 50 /60HZ.


Power: 900W

Voltage: 110V, 50 /60HZ

Inner Container Volume: 6 L

Degree of evaporation: 1.3L/H

Fan Material: Aluminum

Distiller Material: Food-grade 304 stainless steel

Container Material: Food-grade BPA-Free Plastic

Over-temperature safe: Auto-off when temp is over 320¨H

Gross Weight: 12lbs

Water bottle size: 8"x8"

Water distiller size: 10.6¡± (Dia.) x 18¡±H

What You Get:

1x Distiller

1x Water Bottle

1x Discharge Cap

1x Bottle Cap

1x Main Power Cord

1x Chamber Cleaning Powder

1x Water outlet soft catheter (Food grade)

1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Water distiller


Very quiet. Love it

Works well!

So far I’ve processed 6 tanks thru this large well built distiller. I’ve cleaned the stainless liner twice with a little vinegar and water. Very easy to keep clean. Hopefully it works for many more tanks because my wife and I plan to drink distilled water daily. Water tastes okay (not burnt). I never let the tank boil dry. I run the distilled water thru my charcoal Berkey as well.

Easy to use

This water distiller is easy to use after learning the first time. No more hunting at multiple stores for distilled water. It shuts off automatically after all of the water is distilled. It’s easy to clean the mineral build up with a citric acid solution, which is easy to make. I just spray after the unit has cooled, rinse and wipe out.

Shellie Anderson
Love my rovsun water distiller

Excellent. Bought one for my dad and am buying another one for my sister.
Thank you.


Outstanding little machine. It states that it has to go into thermal overload in the instructions but mine is 100% able to be controlled with the on off switch. It even produces a gallon of water in about 3.5 hours.

works as intended, seems to be good quality

I have used this thing twice and it has done what it was advertised to do both times. It takes about an hour per litre of fluid so I usually turn on at night. Has prevented me from producing more plastic waste when I need distilled water for my plants and animals.

Mark S Bajorek
Works great

We bought this to make distilled water for our humidifiers because our hard water was resulting in heavy white dust on everything. It makes 6 liters of distilled water in about 4.5 hours. It is quiet and the hot air exhausted out of the top even adds heat to the laundry room. It is easy to fill by removing the top unit and stops automatically when the included plastic jug is full. I wish I had known about this distiller earlier. It's a good buy for anyone who has the white dust problem and likes the convenience of always having distilled water available.

Dee Arizona
So glad I got it!

This distiller is wonderful! It's easy to use and I don't have to make distilled water but every few days to take care of 2 vaporizers, one floor steamer and 1 pure mist machine! It will pay for itself in about 5 weeks, plus I don't have to lug those gallon bottles from the store! There's also the matter of reusing the gallon bottles and not creating more plastic waste which I think is more important than anything.. I gave up plastic drinking water bottles over a year ago and it was the easiest thing I ever did! Get this unit if you need it..It's easier to clean if you don't let the water go down to the bottom of the machine..That's why the 6L is better. I marked the plastic water bottle to a gallon and then I stop it. I also use the water from my Pur filter from my faucet, so the hardness is removed, so the cleaning is easier...Good luck!

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